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I have had a wonderful experience using my travel incentive. My partner and I followed the instructions, kept track on the timings and had a great cruise experience. Thank you Spirit Incentives Read more

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Spirit Incentives has changed their name to Customer Service Network Group and True incentive most likely because the Attorney General finally caught on to them. "The Office of the Attorney General for the State of Florida is actively investigating complaints relating to Spirit Incentives also known as Mediaiders, Inc. as to possible violations of the Florida Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act. If you have a complaint or information about... Read more

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I had difficulty registering my certificate/coupon/ticket for my vacation package because I entered an incorrect date on the registration website thusly voiding my certificate because it did not match the date written on the certificate. Fortunately Richard from customer service was able to help me out after I contacted spirit incentives customer service via their phone line. I called customer service and initially was asked to scan and send... Read more

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After a laborious process and explicit documentation, the BBB decided they were closing my complaint citing my documentation did not meet the level needed prove I was wronged. You need to file a complaint against Spirit Incentives AND the resort who hired them to scam us. The resorts are part of the problem not part of the solution. Its kind of like inviting an arsonist to be the honored speaker at a fire eaters convention. Having said that, I... Read more

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I received a cruise travel certificate after viewing a timeshare presentation at Silverleaf Resorts. I sent in the notifications, money, 3 travel dates just as prescribed in the Spirit Travel literature. When I called to confirm the date fo the cruise, I was offered a date on which my partner could not cruise. I was told to take it or leave it and it had to be that day. I expressed my extreme displeasure at being offered a 4th date that I could... Read more

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After completing the first steps of the process, I reached the point in Feb or early march of selecting 3 dates for a booking. Company provided VERY few dates to select from, and of those dates, if you picked one date, you were forced to select 2 other dates (much further in the future) that would not work to complete registration. No option to select several dates with a short time span. As a result, of the 3 dates, only 1 had the possibility... Read more

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I am one of Spirit Incentives victims. I was supposed to receive a 7 day cruise for two and a 2 night weekend at Myrtle Beach:. Neither of which materialized. If anyone is planning a class action law suit against this company please contact me. I am willing to be a complaintant. I have already filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals in Florida and North Carolina. These people should be held accountable. Also, everyone who has fallen victim... Read more

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"Catch the Spirit Wave, Enjoy your Vacation Getaway". Company did not follow through on providing the vacation promised. I drove to King of Prussia, PA, to listen to a 90 minute presentation to purchase, afterwhich you were guaranteed a choice of one of 4 different vacations. I selected the cruise. I paid $200 for the vacation package and registered making sure to follow all the directions. When it came time to follow through with the vacation,... Read more

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I'm soo disappointed that I didn't read all these complaints before getting fooled and falling for this scam. With so many complaints, I can't believe there isn't a way to bring some kind of class action suit. The best I can do is try to get some news channel to cover this story. I haven't taken a vacation in years and was so excited that I "won" something...which never happens! After shelling out $298, they supposedly don't have available... Read more

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We got a free trip to Great Wolf Lodge. Well we expected it to be a free trip. We registered the certificate and chose our travel dates. Between the time we booked the travel and the time our reservation was scheduled for, we found out the we had to move to a different area. I called Customer service and let them know this. It took multiple calls and talking to multiple people to get the reservation cancelled and money reimbursed. That was back... Read more

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