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Me & my then fiancee went to a loooong seminar because we won a free trip at a festival and the seminar was one of the catches, Ive always been skeptical of these things but my too trusting (now)husband wanted to give it a shot, so we went sat through the whole...
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I received a certificate issued by this company and followed all requirements to the letter. Once however it came time to "finalize" my reservation, in spite of the fact that all business conducted in reference to this certificate save the mailing in of the deposit "to...
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Omg! I amm going to copy and paste this for my records because I want to take my cruise and I just registered online and I have 30days to send my $100 deposit. I am afraid tha...

Spirit Incentives Representati

It is Spirit Incentives’ goal to satisfy customers and to meet and exceed our obligations. After speaking with you Spirit Incentives is glad we were able to confirm your tra...

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It was my first atttempt at using the Thank you citi card free companion ticket provided by Spirit Incentives. With great disappointment and not entirely suprised I found the following. The price that you can purchase the same ticket on the airline directly is $400. By...
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If you add on the $125 annual fee then you\'re only really saving $91 which is better than nothing. I didn\'t know about the $299 minimum.

You clearly can't multiply...

\"In the end, the so called \"free companion ticket\" is going to cost me $184;\" Ummm, this is terrible math. You can either pay $800 ($400*2) for 2 tickets or $584 for 2 ti...

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I did all of the forms and sent my money. They never got back to me . I have called and been left listening to their message for hours. Finally I got through and was told none of my dates worked and sorry but that we can not chose new dates. That is it! Seriously...
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legal claims investigator is available for consultation. If you have proof and documentation, please contact 806-553-0326 or

Spirit Incentives Rep

To expedite your travel offer please make sure you have read the terms and conditions provided on your offer. In almost all of our certificates one of the Terms of Participati...

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I too was taken by Spirit Incentives. I was told that to give 3 travel dates and that I would be contacted aleast 45 days prior to first selection date. I was contacted 42 days prior to the first selection date so I assumed that that date would not be selected for me....
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Thomas Steward

Our expectations were exceeded in this travel experience. We followed all of the directions given in preparation for the vacation and thoroughly enjoyed the cruise to Bermuda...


Anyone that has a CRUISE certificate that has not been registered yet, I will buy it from you for a crisp $20, if you think it\'s a scam. My email follows, just drop me a not...

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