Anyone who is tempted to redeem any voucher from Spirit Incentives MUST know that the customer will have to accept the company's choice for the time and place of the deal offered.

The operation may not technically qualify as criminal fraud or a scam. You will get a refund of your deposit if you cancel in a timely fashion and are persistent in demanding the refund.

The company is operating a classic "bait and switch" operation. The choices they oblige you to make at certain points in the process are absolute illusions.

When you go to make your reservations, Spirit Incentives will decide what they will offer you, in terms of dates and locations available for your vacation package or cruise, and you are obliged to take it or leave it. The "Reservation" conditions clearly state that you must accept their "offer" of alternate bookings.

If you are willing to accept this, the package may be considered a bargain, although the costs in time and effort are substantial.

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Do not mess with this company or waste your time! We did everything necessary to book our trip & the company NEVER notified us of our trip date.

Even though I called in with plenty of time they said all the dates I had selected were book & quickly offer to send my deposit back. I wanted the trip for my family & ended up wasting a lot of time!


I asked THREE times before I signed up if this was for Great Wolf Lodge and not another property. I was promised it was for that location.

I went through the excruciating 4 1/2 sales pitch, registered my "free gifts" only to find out you don't actually book with Great Wolf but through Spirit.

Now I see that you may not get that resort or dates you can travel. What a waste of time.


This is exactly what happend to me! I guess I forgot the 'ol saying "if it sounds too good to be true....it probably is" Their agent wasn't very nice about it either.


I have not yet made my vacation choice: cruise, escape to, or vacation getaway but reading these comments confirms that the cruise choice may be more stress and disappointment than it's worth. Signing up with this company was a nightmare that I hope to have learned from.


It is disappointing that our govt would even allow such a business to still operate or the State of Florida. I have read compliants as far back as 2005 regarding spirit Incentives.

No one received what was promised.

Sad thing I have a 7 yr old that will be very disappointed that she is no longer able to go on vacation to the Great Wolf Lodge.

Very disappointed in Silverleaf and Spirit Incentives! Dishonest all together!


I received a cruise travel certificate after viewing a timeshare presentation at Silverleaf Resorts. I sent in the notifications, money, 3 travel dates just as prescribed in the Spirit Travel literature.

When I called to confirm the date fo the cruise, I was offered a date on which my partner could not cruise. I was told to take it or leave it and it had to be that day. I expressed my extreme displeasure at being offered a 4th date that I could not travel on. They showed no compassion or positive customer service.

They offer the classic bait & switch technique....no integrity...dishonest deceitful scammers. I reported this to Silverlear.

I lump them in the same category since they continue to use companies that are scammers. I am compiling a letter to Silverleaf, the BBB of Florida, & the Florida State Attorney General about the deceptive business practices of Spirit Travel & Silverleaf.


True, but they never offer you any discount from the so called free certificate. The prices after you upgrade, are the exact same as any online price - sometimes you can get a better deal booking yourself.

They are scam artisits in my opinion - do your homework first !

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