Received an unsolicited phone call from someone representing 'Resorts Plus' offering a "Free cruise or holiday" all we had to do was to attend a seminar at a given hotel. I was assured that this was not anything to do with time share.

However I had to take with me my driving license and credit card or check book, basically what the caller is doing is getting you to the seminar with promises of 'free vacations'.

Prior to attending I researched 'Resorts Plus' which resulted in nothing untoward in fact it appeared to be on the 'up and up'

We duly attended and sat through 90 mins of spiel about how wonderful it will be to join 'Resorts Plus' great lengths were taken to enforce the fact that it is not and does not affiliate itself with time share.

We did not buy into the program and were given two holiday vouchers, upon examination it was glaringly apparent that basically you FIRST have to send $100 reservation deposit, you also have to provide 3 preferred travel dates the 1st being at least 45 days after registration the 2nd and 3rd dates MUST be at least 30 days apart.

It goes on to inform you that they (Spirit Incentives) will select departure airports in cities where multiple carriers operate, it goes on to say that will not guarantee a specific airline route or itinerary and that the hotels utilized are 'tourist and budget class' and that hotels and airfare are subject to change based on their availability.

You are NOT made aware until receiving the 'free holiday' coupon that you are dealing with SPIRIT INCENTIVES, because if you were aware of this and did your homework before attending the seminar I have no doubt that after reading the complaints made about this company no one would attend.

Just a heads up folks if you receive an unsolicited phone call just ask if they are affiliated with Spirit Incentives I am sure that will do the trick and prevent you wasting your time.

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