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We got a free trip to Great Wolf Lodge. Well we expected it to be a free trip.

We registered the certificate and chose our travel dates. Between the time we booked the travel and the time our reservation was scheduled for, we found out the we had to move to a different area. I called Customer service and let them know this. It took multiple calls and talking to multiple people to get the reservation cancelled and money reimbursed.

That was back in April. It is June now and I still have not received a reimbursement check back from the deposit that we had to pay. I called today and they stated that the check was mailed out but I just didn't get it. I asked for a supervisor or someone who could help with this matter.

I was informed there was nobody for me to talk to at this time. I asked for a check number of the check they sent out and was finally advised there was never a check issued at all. The guy put me on hold and came back to the line stating they would have a check issued and I would received it in 14 days. Problem is that I keep getting the run around.

Back in April I was told the exact same thing.

I just want our money back. I am owed the $100 deposit they made us pay.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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