After completing the first steps of the process, I reached the point in Feb or early march of selecting 3 dates for a booking. Company provided VERY few dates to select from, and of those dates, if you picked one date, you were forced to select 2 other dates (much further in the future) that would not work to complete registration.

No option to select several dates with a short time span. As a result, of the 3 dates, only 1 had the possibility of being used for travel. Had to wait until 45 days prior to the booking to receive further instructions and to finalize booking. Even once I had registered my certificate at this time, I was not told to contact a reservation agent (or provided a number to do so).

However, after hunting down a number to call them, I was told that the only date in which I could go was not available. Had I been able to book the reservation back in March, perhaps that date would have been available (although I sincerely doubt it). Agent was very rude in explaining that they have no control over this process and that I was out of luck for my trip. The company has intentionally designed this process using misleading information, unnecessary steps and arbitrary deadlines to sabotage the successful booking of trips.

Agent pretended it was the destination's fault for not having available dates or vacancies, when it is clearly the company's own system and policies that are riddled with hoops that consumers must jump through.

In the end, the agent offered me a take it or leave it ultimatum (book a date I can't use or refund deposit). I took the deposit and now get to go home and tell my kids their vacation is cancelled.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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