I very strongly suggest not doing business with the company Spirit Incentives. I recently purchased two separate travel certificates, followed the instructions to process the certificates, and was repeatedly denied redemption of my vacation packages due to supposedly unavailable dates, which eventually led my receiving a letter from the company stating that my certificates were void because the registration period had ended!

In addition, each time I resubmitted my 3 chosen travel dates, I was asked for more money, which I sent in, believing that "this is the last time" they will ask me for more money. I continually sent letters and tried to contact Spirit Incentives about the this issue, but was repeatedly denied assistance. I specifically asked to speak to a supervisor or manager, but was informed that they did not have any supervisors or managers in the company! I was also told that the only means of contact with this company was through the long-distance phone number.

In addition, they told me repeatedly (in my dozens of phone calls) that they did not have fax, email, or toll free phone numbers! When I asked for a refund of my money, they only refunded the last installment I paid and refused to refund the rest of my money. This "business" is a scam and I cannot understand why it is legal for this company to continue operating! I would love to see a law firm start a case against this company to refund the (thousands?

millions?) of hard-working citizens that have been ripped off by this company. Please, if you have been robbed by this company, please submit your story so that something can be done about Spirit Incentives--if enough of our voices are heard, then this company will be forced to stop taking advantage of consumers and be prosecuted.

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I just got 2 vacations from them please tell me they are not going to scam me im really excited to go but after reading these comments im scared to even send money if its a scam!!!!

:( I absolutely hate being the victim of a scam! I've tried diligently to reach out to Spirit concerning my free vacation.

I'm unable to contact any live person. I don't know if Sundance is tied directly to them, but I have a hard time believing that they are completely in the dark. My attempts to contact Sundance are also met with uselessness. I refuse to pay any more money to them until I have received my vacation package.

A company by the name of Tri State has been contacting me trying to get me to pay.I've researched them and found that they too are a part of the scam!! Don't be fooled they've got me for three hundred dollars

I got my "Anytime, Anywhere, Vacation" Certificate for sitting through a 3 hour presentation for Wyndham Resorts. We did not buy from them, ended up going with another Resort But we could never find a place where we wanted to go that had open rooms.

NO ONE EVER TOLD US THAT! THAT IT WOULD MEAN GREAT DIFFICULTY IN GETTING A RESERVATION! I was also never told that I had to put up $100.00 before the certificate would be active.

If anyone ever offers this as an enticement for you to do something, DON'T DO IT!! I am very tempted to call my State's Attorney Gereral's Office.


I won a free five days four nights to stay in a hotel in Puerto Rico. Than tell me why I was told to pay another $84.00 on top of the $50.00 that I had already paid for taxes.I tought that if someone win something it is free.

I do understand that taxes are to be paid but and that is why I ask the person that gave me the free package for the hotel. She told me that I would only have to pay the taxes which was $50.00, but I was ask for another 84.00 for the standard package and when I ask for a certain date I was told it would be an up graded and the amount to stay in the hotel would be $500.00.

Does that mean I am paying for the hotel, it does not look like I won anything. People be where.


I am one of Spirit Incentives most recent victims". I was supposed to receive a 7 day cruise for two and a 2 night weekend at Myrtle Beach:.

Neither of which materialized|. If anyone is planning a class action law suit against this company please contact me;. I am willing to be a complaintant|. I have already filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals in Florida and North Carolina..

These people should be held accountable|. Also, everyone who has fallen victim should file a complaint with the BBB of South Florida/.This company needs to be put out of business.

to anonymous #704808

could do class action suit same thing finally get for a Day's inn that I could book myself for less!! Was supposed to be free weekend with "only $20 something tax fee "they said when purchased original package. This company is not worth dong business with for any reason.


I just got back from my trip a week ago. It cost me $240 to fly my daughter and I down to Orlando and that included the extra $75 I paid to stay 3 nights.

The trip would've cost me $1000. I picked dates that would leave me months to pick if needed.

I got the certificate in April and had everything in writing by July to travel. I'm with Moon - happy to take your certificates if you don't want them.

to Ms.Bridg Garland, Texas, United States #684549

ms. Bridg,

I just received a certificate and would like to know what all you did that led to you being able to use the certificate in the right way. Obviously a lot of people here think its a scam. I figure you just have to play by their rules to use the package vacation. Any help you could give would be much appreciated.

You can reach me at arturobeanly@gmail.com


We received our certificate (which cost $100 for our "free" vacation) after we had purchased furniture. We waited to get a fall date for 2 nights in DC.

I just found out that no dates are available before our certificate expires on November 4 even though we never had any choices for October or November until last week, and those were second and third dates. I never could move those dates up to our first choice! I feel like a fool, since I am really careful and thought I could spot a scam a mile away.

Now I'm out a hundred bucks and a trip. Live and learn, but I'll never do business with this bunch again!

Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad, Russian Federation #286409

Nothing in life is free but there should be controls over companies such as Spirit Incentives scamming the companies they sell their promotional packages to and the customers they fail to service. They take money from the companies and then make it so inconvenient and over priced that the customer just goes away and they don't have to fulfill their commitments.

Rude sales reps, extended holds and no dates available on dates they provided. During the phone reservation the sales rep works diligently to push you into hanging up. Such as - you know it will cost $299 , you do have a credit card right? We only have bunk beds - for $200 more you can have a real bed.

Oh, there are no rooms available for any dates except one week with only a balcony or suite. Put on hold for 5 to 10 minutes after each question. All this so you will go away! Please people do not go away!

I went back to Sundance Vacations and provided them with a letter explaining the bad PR this company is giving them and will wait to see if they stop using them. If they keep using this company they are as bad as Spirit Incentives and they will have lost my future business.

Vsevolozhsk, Leningrad, Russian Federation #284767

It is a big scam. They say they never recieved your dates or you have to pick new dates.

The point is that they think you will give up. You will never get nothing from them.

You can call the Pennbrook, Florida Better Buisness Bureau at 561-842-1918 and tell them whats going on or you can call Spirit at 954-525-1777 and ask for the President Gary Baron. This is a injustice and a scam.


They tell you to pick 3 dates and they have months to decide if they are available - yet in the end - mysteriously, none are available. This company should be shut down.

Rantauprapat, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia #213312
Hi People,

I happen to have good experience with most of their certificates and if you have one that you intend to throw away, why don't you donate it to me. I'm a poor student who have a lot of time but no money and I can put them to good use for you.

You can contact me at moonriver016@yahoo.com

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